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Here at VibrantMeNG, we are very passionate about helping you achieve your wellness goals because we believe your health is your responsibility. Our programs are suited to your personal health status/needs to help you reach your goals in an adequate amount of time!

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This package features physical therapy protocols for conditions including Arthritis, Stroke, Diabetes Management, Blood Pressure Management and Weight Management.


Train your mind and body for optimum performance with our knowledge-based Aerobics, Yoga or Karate programs. Join a class today. 


Revitalize, Rejuvenate and Refresh with our Massage treatments for stress relief, relaxation or therapy


Our Workplace Wellness programs are bespoke and are designed to turn your employees into Corporate Athletes.


Our Dermatology services by a licensed Dermatologist gives your skin the needed health and radiance it deserves. Book an appointment today for your healthy skin needs


Our Wellness philosopy rests on a tripod of Awareness, Education and Implementation. Invite us today to educate your community on Healthy Living as a Lifestyle


Get expert advice on healthy eating to meet your nutrition needs, interests and goals.

The Secret of Wellness

Wellness is a lifestyle, the little things you do daily that amount to much. It is the 8 things you do for your body versus the 2 things you do against your body. Wellness should never be taken as a trendy behavior or a fad, but should be an integral part of our daily lives. Wellness as a lifestyle breeds mindful and conscientious people, not ‘weekend warriors’. At VibrantMeNG we help you achieve this lifestyle through our four pillars:


Knowledge is power they say, which is why we always seek to create awareness on health, and educate people on how to prevent illness and increase energy and vitality to be productive. Afterall, your health is your responsibility


Wellness is a journey not a destination and it requires commitment to stay true to the course. This is why we stay the course with you, holding your hands, providing the support and assistance you need to be successful on the wellness journey.


‘Weekend Warriors’ never go far in the journey of Wellness as a lifestyle. It is the daily efforts to stay healthy that yield results. We therefore engage you in such a way that whether onsite or offsite, you will stay consistent with your wellness programs.


Happiness comes from doing the things we love. Wellness is a lifestyle to be enjoyed and for us, we work with you in such a manner as to make it a memorable and fun experience.

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Our services are tailored to suite the needs of our varied clientele – individuals, corporate organizations and communities. We deliver service with commitment and passion like no other

Client Testimonials

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I really enjoyed participating in the opening event and getting to be part of the aerobics class. My interests however are the Karate and Yoga Classes!!


The best health program i have ever come across so far. Learnt a ton from the health talks by the seasoned professionals!

Chima Nwachukwu

CEO, Tectarii Empire

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We have a highly skilled array of health and wellness consultants. Here they are!

Chioma Ukariaku

Founder, VibrantMeNG

Dr. Jack Mbom

Chief Wellness Consultant

Queen Iwo

Yoga Instructor

Dr. Folakemi


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