Community Health-Ed Program for Adisa Bashua Street Resident’s Association

Community Health-Ed Program for Adisa Bashua Street Resident’s Association

Preventive and promotional health is the new face of healthcare in the 21st century and as such is the core of what we do at VibrantMeNG. Our approach is to inform, educate and assist people in adjusting their lifestyles so they can live healthier, longer and happier lives. This was why we organized a Community Health-Ed program for the Adisa Bashua Resident’s Association in Surulere on December 15th, 2018.

The event which kicked off at 8:30am was attended by about 20 residents and non-residents, as well as, the young & elderly, with the health talk anchored by the foremost wellness consultant in Nigeria, Dr. Jack Mbom.

It was a fun and highly educative program that comprised of a  2-hour health awareness talk session and 1-hour aerobics/exercise session. During the health talk by Dr. Jack Mbom, he talked passionately on the need to approach our health from a preventive lifestyle mindset rather than being reactive or curative minded. Highlights of his presentation include;

  • Genes predispose us to certain health conditions, however our lifestyle is the activator for those conditions which were inherited in a dormant state to become active. In other words, genes load the gun, lifestyle pulls the trigger
  • Research from American Center For Disease Control (CDC) has shon that the four Determinants of helath are
    • Positive Health Behaviours – The choices you make (51%)
    • Physical Environment – Where you work (20%)
    • Hereditary Disposition – Inherited Generic Factors (19%)
    • The state of healthcare (10%)

In other words, 90% of the determinants rests with the individual

  • Our health is our responsibility. We owe it to ourselves to service our engines with the right fuels (food, exercise, rest and a positive mental attitude) so that they do not breakdown on the highway of life. Drugs are chemicals and they add toxic load on the body

After the health talk, it was time for our exercise session and everyone was a given a mat for the program. This session was co-anchored by our founder, Chioma Ukariaku and covered various protocols namely; WarmUps, 3 sets of aerobics (Sprints & Pressups), Stretching & Flexibility Exercises and lastly a WarmDown protocol. There were refreshments organized by the community for everyone who participated and of course, yours truly, wasn’t left out of the movement.

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