About Us

About Us

VibrantMeNG is a preventive health and well-being solutions platform for corporate and individuals alike. Our Vision is to be the provider of choice for preventive health and wellness services while Our Mission is to unleash, facilitate, and co-create integrative wellness of individuals, as embodied in their positive attitude and healthy lifestyle reflected in their work, home and community. 

On our team are tried and tested preventive health and wellness professionals who have a track record of success. Our approach is to work with you as an individual or organization to be responsible for your health and that of your employees towards achieving a healthy lifestyle

VibrantMeNG is a business arm of La Santé Int’l Ltd, a wholly indigenous Nigerian company, registered with the CAC.

Our Wellness Philosophy

  1. Healthy human capital is the greatest asset any organization or individual has
  2. It is more cost effective and less traumatic to prevent illness than to treat it
  3. Health is the absence of symptoms of illness and medication, plus energy and vitality to be productive

Our Promise

  • We co-create your Wellness Program with you ensuring success, based on your needs and interests. Ours is a Total Wellness Program Solution, from healthy eating, stress management, physical activities, to self-care for disease prevention which are considered in co-designing your Wellness Program. Disease management and health risk assessments are among other packages we offer. 
  • VibrantMeNG Wellness Program is all about facilitation of reclaiming and owning responsibilities to self-wellness, our team of proven wellness consultants will help to unleash your capacity to be your own health coach.