Nutrition: How To Get A Rich Natural Skin Glow

Our skin is our first line of defense against infections as it houses the totality of our organs. Its priority as an organ, is to protect our internal organs from external interference but how can we understand this amazing organ, in order to treat it right, care for it properly and keep it looking vibrant,…
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Nutrition for a Healthy and Productive Life – Community Health-Ed

Nutrition is closely related to our health and well-being and this is because research has shown that malnutrition is largely responsible for a variety of illnesses that have plagued our generation. 1 in 10 persons who are 20 years or above are diagnosed with one illness or the other as a result of some negative lifestyle choices.…
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Make A Healthy Grocery List For A Healthier You in 2019

In our last article on New Year Resolutions we talked about how to avoid being in the 80% of people who fail at their Resolutions by February of the new year and gave practical tips to achieving those Resolutions or Goals.

New Year Resolutions: How To Achieve Your Goals In 2019

Growing up I had an all-time favorite movie titled #PrettyWoman. So I am going to borrow a quote by Happy Man from a scene in that movie and rephrase it as: “Welcome to #2019! What’s your #Resolution? Everybody got here, this is 2019, year of new #Resolutions. Some #Resolutions come true, some don’t, but keep having your #Resolution – this is 2019. Always time to make new resolutions, so keep on with it!”

Happy New Year Our Vibrant Readers

With new years come new resolutions and new plans, goals and objectives but most important is that new years are another opportunity  at a new “you”. A “you” that’s ready to take on new wellness goals and put together the right lifestyle

The Impact of Fasting On Your Health

The month of January is often marked by pivotal activities like making resolutions, embarking on religious fasts, planning and strategizing for the year and so on. As such January is often seen as the ‘month of new beginnings’.

Community Health-Ed Program for Adisa Bashua Street Resident’s Association

Preventive and promotional health is the new face of healthcare in the 21st century and as such is the core of what we do at VibrantMeNG. Our approach is to inform, educate and assist people in adjusting their lifestyles so they can live healthier, longer and happier lives. This was why we organized a Community Health-Ed program for the Adisa Bashua Resident’s Association in Surulere on December 15th, 2018.

Exercises That Help With Depression

Exercise can be one of the best things you can do for your body while being depressed because physical activity can make you feel better, improve your mood and even help you sleep better. We understand that it is usually a struggle to do anything while you feel down or depressed but we would like to encourage you to try these steps.

Staying Fit And Eating Healthy This Festive Season!!!

This season is a very tricky one for those of us that have decided to be very conscious of our health, how we eat and what we eat because there is a very serious availability of distractions of the food kind. “Let’s eat everything we see” is a very contagious habit so we are officially calling in the “run on sight” order.

Symptoms Of Depression

As we discussed previously on the types, we felt it was equally pertinent to highlight some symptoms of depression to help educate us on how to recognize when depression is starting to develop either in others or in ourselves