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Nutrition: How To Get A Rich Natural Skin Glow

Our skin is our first line of defense against infections as it houses the totality of our organs. Its priority as an organ, is to protect our internal organs from external interference but how can we understand this amazing organ, in order to treat it right, care for it properly and keep it looking vibrant,…
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Make A Healthy Grocery List For A Healthier You in 2019

In our last article on New Year Resolutions we talked about how to avoid being in the 80% of people who fail at their Resolutions by February of the new year and gave practical tips to achieving those Resolutions or Goals.

Staying Fit And Eating Healthy This Festive Season!!!

This season is a very tricky one for those of us that have decided to be very conscious of our health, how we eat and what we eat because there is a very serious availability of distractions of the food kind. “Let’s eat everything we see” is a very contagious habit so we are officially calling in the “run on sight” order.

Older Persons Nutrition: Your Nutritional Needs As An Older Adult

It is starting to seem like it is all about the “food” you eat these days, how you eat it, in what proportions you eat it and how they can overly affect the life you live but in all honesty not a lot is said in regards to Nutrition for older adults.

Child Nutrition: Impact Of Healthy Eating

As parents we can influence what kind of foods our kids are exposed to and ultimately eat. A survey of kid’s under the age of 12 revealed that Dads & Moms ranked highest as kid’s nutrition role models. The problem with this is the fact that it shows us that if parents do not pay more attention to their nutrition habits then their kids most likely will not even consider eating healthy as a viable option.

That being said, it is very essential that your kids are taught to eat right and maximize the nutrients available in the food to eat towards their growth and development.

Prenatal Nutrition: What and Whatnot to Eat

During pregnancy, what a woman consumes is vital towards ensuring the baby is healthy & well nourished and that is why proper and adequate nutrition is important.

An expecting mother has to mostly eat healthy foods during pregnancy because all the nutrients the baby will ever get during this period comes from what the mother eats. In order to help mothers streamline this, we’ve drawn up a list of guidelines & recommendations to selecting the right variety of healthy foods.

Nutrition: What You Should Know

Nutrition is simply the supply of materials as food necessary for the cells in a human body to stay alive. It is the science and practice of consuming food and it is also the primal necessity for growth in any human and that’s why we want to really help you understand why we think you should take it quite seriously.

As a science, nutrition helps us understand the process of anabolism and catabolism. What are those? Well, catabolism refers to how the body breaks down food and anabolism refers to how it repairs and creates new cells and tissues. These two concepts help us to understand exactly how the body responds to food.

How To Make Your Own Fruit-Infused Water

Last week on our VibrantMeNG social media pages, we talked about the benefits of fruit-infused water, highlighting Hydration as one major benefit. We learnt that keeping our bodies hydrated will help our bodies…..