Type 2 Diabetes Prevention and Management Course


Yearly, Diabetes kills more people in the US than AIDs and Breast Cancer with 69,201 Deaths from Diabetes compared to 40,676 and 21, 601 deaths from Breast Cancer and AIDs respectively. Even more worrisome is the fact that a person diagnosed with Diabetes at age 50 is likely to die 6 years earlier than a counterpart without the condition.

In Nigeria alone, there were over 4 million diagnosed cases of Diabetes as at 2018. This is estimated to hit 6-7 million by 2025! As if that is not scary enough, many more people are pre-diabetic (borderline diabetic) without even being aware of it, thereby significantly increasing the chances of realizing this horrible estimation or even surpassing it by 2025. Are you part of this statistics?

Who Is This Course For:

  • Diabetics (Type 2)
  • Pre-Diabetics
  • Care-givers of Diabetics

What Is This Course For:

Lifestyle Modification Series is a course designed to educate you and get you out of harm’s way. Are you living with Diabetes, borderline diabetic or perhaps a care-giver to a diabetic? Then, this program is a must for you. It will help you to understand Diabetes Type 2, teach you how to prevent it and if you are already living with T2D, help you reverse or put that diabetes into remission using crucial Lifestyle changes. This series is structured in 3 modules, progressively taking participants from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced knowledge on how to beat Type 2 Diabetes for life.

Type 2 Diabetes Costs You So Much, Including:

  • Diabetes is a debilitating disease that causes pain and trauma
  • Reduced quality of life
  • Incapacity to fulfil roles and expectations you have of yourself
  • General weakness
  • Inability of the body to rest and restore itself .e.g. overlaboring pancreas
  • Inability to engage in basic social/personal enjoyment activities
  • Weight issues
  • Lack of performance/productivity including sexual, mental and physical
  • Lack of peace of mind and happiness
  • Lack of fulfilment
  • Increased financial burden from constant dependency on medication
  • Untimely death

Course Benefits

  • Regain your life and put Diabetes in remission
  • Manage your weight
  • Increase your performance and productivity including sexual libido, mental and physical performance
  • Enjoy longevity, happiness and fulfilment
  • Reduced dependency on medication
  • Improve your finances
  • Be part of a support group that cares for you

Course Delivery Methodology

  • Best practice in lifestyle modification and exercises
  • 60 minutes classroom lecture with 30 minutes exercise session
  • Understand Type 2 Diabetes condition
  • Learn skills to put the knowledge into practice
  • Conducted by Wellness Consultant with over 37 years’ experience and a passion to see you live your best healthy life.

Module 1: Understanding Diabetes

  • What is Type 2 Diabetes?
  • What is Pre-Diabetes (Borderline Diabetes)?
  • Risk factors that dispose you to Type 2 Diabetes
  • Early signs and symptoms
  • Food and Diabetes
  • Stress and Diabetes
  • Effect of Diabetes on Men’s anatomy
  • Effect of Diabetes on Women’s Anatomy

Fee: N10,000.00

Module 2: Nutrition

  • Unhealthy eating habits are killing you
  • Right Nutrition for controlling and/or reversing Diabetes
  • Fasting and Diabetes
  • Planning your meals

Module 3: Physical Activity and Stress Management

  • Why no movement is worsening your Diabetes
  • Benefits of Physical Activity
  • Right Rest protocols for Diabetes
  • How to improve your performance and productivity including sexual, physical and mental


3 Weeks


3 Saturdays in May

 (4pm – 5.30pm)

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